Jordan Suen


Bachelor of Chiropractic Science, Master of Chiropractic

Jordan has always had a keen interest in health science and after hearing about Chiropractic He decided to become a Chiropractor and undertake his studies at Macquarie University.

Jordan studied for 5 years completing his Bachelor and Masters Degree in Chiropractic. He is very passionate with treating the community and getting them back to doing what they love with minimal discomfort or pain, whether it would be arising from disc injuries, sports injuries, headaches or from long hours at of work.

During his clinical years at University, Jordan has utilised a range of treatment approaches that are tailored to each individual patients needs and their goals. This includes soft tissue work, trigger point therapy as well as gentle spinal manipulations/ mobilisations to help relieve tension in those tight muscles and restore normal function in the spine. Jordan also incorporates specific rehabilitative exercises tailored to the patients complaint to get them moving again and to prevent the occurrence of injuries and get them back to doing what they love most.

When not working, Jordan enjoys training at the gym regularly to stay fit, playing Oz tag, as well as reading the latest scientific research to provide patients with care that is evidence-based and up to date.

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